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18 Nov 2015

In safe hands

My daughter and I were referred to A.K Physio after a bad car crash. My daughter had injured her knee badly, severe whiplash and back discomfort . I had severe whiplash, knee complaint after previous surgery and severe back pain.
The Physio worked extremely closely with both of us and her experience was incredible.
My physio was able to quickly detect cartilage problems after the accident with my daughters knee and refered her to an Orthopaedic doctor through the insurance, this was vital.
In regards to myself, I would like to personally thank Abi. My physio was quickly cautious regarding my neck injury and requested an immediate MRI scan of my neck and thanks so much for this professional advice I have to have urgent surgery on c4 c5 & c6 of my spine.
Before ending my review I would like to thank Abi and Madeline in the office for all of your support and critical advice and from your safe hands we are in the correct care.
A positive plus 5 stars *****


12 Nov 2015

Highly Recommended!

I came to AK Physio with what I thought was an impossible injury to fix. After 2 surgeries to my right hand/wrist after a boxing injury I had very limited movement and grip which made everyday tasks painful and difficult. I am seeing an amazing results so far. I cannot thank Abi and the team enough for their help, support and also reassurance that things can get better… and they are! Thank you!


01 Nov 2015

Sports Injury Treatment

I have visited the practice over many years & various locations for a range of sporting injuries. Whether it is for assessment & treatment of an injury or a well needed sports massage the service provided has been great. A friendly, professional outfit in which I value the treatment provided. Highly recommended.


28 Oct 2015

Absolutely Fantastic!

After x-ray results for a back problem, the treatment I received here was fantastic. The staff were supportive and friendly and highly professional. Their only concern was to get me better which they succeeded in doing.
I have recommended them to many of my friends.


27 Oct 2015

Highly recommended

I was referred by my solicitor in 2012, after a road traffic accident, with bad back and neck injuries, barely able to move. I received caring, professional and effective treatment which got me better and back to work.
In September 2015 I returned to her with an ankle injury which she is now treating with great success
I am very grateful for all the superb treatment give to me and highly recommend them.


26 Oct 2015

Outstanding treatment

I would like to say thank you for the professional treatment all of my family have now had at A K Physio. Staff are able to cope with a variety of injuries and are considerate and sensitive to individual patient needs.


26 Oct 2015

Excellent Treatment

Have been going to AK Physio for regular monthly treatments for lower back pain and can highly recommend for anyone who suffers with back pain. Would like to say a big thank you to the team for enabling me to comfortably continue with my physically demanding job.


01 Apr 2015

Outstanding Physiotherapist

Once again struggling with another injury, however getting my usual support from Abi and the team. After assessment and early therapy Abi has recommended that I see a consultant to further investigate the problem. Once again foregoing her opportunity for income, only my interest at heart – thanks again!
David S


24 Mar 2015

Accident referral

I was referred to to AK Physio after a road traffic accident that I was involved in. They really looked after me during my recovery period and after 5 sessions my pain was almost gone after 7 sessions I was much better and able to carry out normal duties. The staff are friendly and accommodating = highly recommended.

Melanie Townley

11 months ago

Abi is absolutely superb – she has treated me for a previous injury I obtained whilst training for a marathon walk for charity and since then to help with migraines. She has also helped my husband who got a calf injury during football. Extremely professional and very talented in her area of expertise – would highly recommend.